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Papastáthis, Charálampos K.

Παπαστάθης, Χαράλαμπος Κ.

Works found in the Biblionet database
(1999) Analecta of Thessaloniki and Macedonia
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(1990) Elements of Ecclesiastical Law, Kyriakidi Bros
(1988) Special Legal Status of Holy Mount Athos, Kyriakidi Bros
Participation in collective Works
(1991) Second and Third International Congress on Greek and Arabic Studies, European Cultural Centre of Delphi
(2005) The legal status of the private law monasteries in the church of Greece, Sakkoulas S.A. [series editor]
(2000) Who Are the Koutsovlachs [series editor]
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(1996) Kyriazópoulos, Kyriákos N., L' organisation centrale de l' église catholique romaine (Curie Romaine) selon la Constitution Apostolique "Pastor bonus" du 1988 et de son "Regolamento Generale" du 1992, Sakkoulas S.A. [series editor]

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