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Koúrtovik, Dimosthénis

Κούρτοβικ, Δημοσθένης


Dimosthenis Kourtovik was born in 1948 in Athens. He studied Biology in Athens and Stuttgart, completed his doctoral studies in Poland on the evolution of human sexuality, and taught the same subject, as well as sexuality in art at the University of Crete. So far he has published 12 books (novels, short story collections, essays, maxims, etc.) and has translated 62 books from eight different languages. He is currently working as a literary critic at Ta Nea Newspaper. His novels have been translated into French, German, Swedish and Danish. The Nostalgia of Dragons will soon be published in German.

Major Works
1987 The Greek Autumn of Eva-Anita Bengtsson. Novel.
1991 The Dust of the Galaxy. Novel.
2000 The Nostalgia of Dragons. Novel.

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