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Giannakopoúlou, Judy

Γιαννακοπούλου, Τζούντι

(2012) Akropolis von Athen
(2012) Samos: The Archaeological Museums
(2012) Collective Work, Piraeus: Center of Shipping and Culture
(2010) Thorikos: The Ancient Theatre
(2009) Collective Work, The Perspective of Time Pictorial Histories, Benaki Museum
(2009) Collective Work, The Portrait Collection of the University of Athens
(2007) Vláchos, Manólis, Modern Greek Painting in the Collection of the Bank of Greece
(2007) Odyssey, Militos
(2007) Collective Work, Affinities: Flowers in Greek Art
(2007) Giannakópoulos, Giórgos A., Distillation of Life, Ouzo Barbayanni
(2007) Calendar 2008, Images of Greece
(2006) Patras: Photographic Profile of a Vanishing City, Patakis Publishers
(2006) Filippídis, Dimítris, Athens Suburbs & Countryside in the 1930s: Architecture and Urban Planning, Olkos Publishers
(2005) Faces of the World=Visages du Monde, Patakis Publishers
(2005) Schiná, Athiná, Tsarouchis: Multiple copies 1936-1989: Dimitris Tsitouras collection, Militos
(2004) Delphi
(2004) Traces from Antiquity in the Greek Landscape, Patakis Publishers
(2004) Lavrion: From Fountains of Silver to Mines of Culture: Sounion, Sounion National Park, Maroneia (Kamariza), Thorikos, Plaka, Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park, City of Lavrion
(2004) Oral Architecture, Patakis Publishers
(2004) Collective Work, Smyrna: Metropolis of the Asia Minor Greeks, Ephesus Publishing
(2003) Collective Work, The Pontos of the Hellenes , Ephesus Publishing
(2002) Hydra: Through the Eyes of 20th Century Greek Artists
(2001) Essays on neohellenic architecture: theory, history, criticism, Privately Published
(2001) Popular political satire in the late 19th century: As seen in illustrations from Neos Aristofanis, Ephesus Publishing
(2000) Maránti, Ánna, Siphnos
(2000) Kagiá, Bétty, Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonnisos
(1999) Kadóglou, Élena, Thasos
(1998) Tsitouras: Discover the Tsitouras Collection 1998, Privately Published
Schiná, Athiná, Athens the famed city, Militos
Kariótoglou, Aléxandros S., Jerusalem: Mother of churches: Dwelling-place of God, Militos
Collective Work, Piraeus: Centre of Shipping and Culture, Ephesus Publishing
Kariótoglou, Aléxandros S., Chalcedon the Historic Bishopric of Bithynia, Militos

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