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Vasileíou, Spýros

Βασιλείου, Σπύρος, 1903-1985

Participation in collective Works
(1988) Ships of Galaxidi, Melissa Publishing House
(2009) Greek Printamaking an Overview, State Museum Of Contemporary Art [paintings]
(2007) Collective Work, Affinities: Flowers in Greek Art [paintings]
(2007) Collective Work, Greek Painting: Permanent Collection [paintings]
(2006) Venézis, Ilías, Aeolian Land, Hestia Publishers [illustrator]
(2006) Myrivílis, Stratís, Life in the Grave, Hestia Publishers [illustrator]
(2006) Treasures of the National Gallery [paintings]
(2006) Karagátsis, M., Colonel Liapkin, Hestia Publishers [illustrator]
(2005) Karagátsis, M., Amri a Mugu, Hestia Publishers [illustrator]
(1999) Vlámi, Éva, Galaxidi, Hestia Publishers [illustrator]
(1998) Athens by Spyros Vassiliou , Municipality of Athens Cultural Organization [paintings]
(1993) Panagiotópoulos, I. M., China, Astir [illustrator]
(1992) Cháris, Pétros, Cities and Seas, Hestia Publishers [illustrator]
(1956) Stasinópoulos, Michaíl D., Harmony, Hestia Publishers [illustrator]
Valaváni, Eléni G., Figures of Modern Hellenism, Hestia Publishers [illustrator]

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