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Ramp, Philip

(2011) The Peloponnese, Militos
(2008) 365 Nature, Militos
(2008) New Acquisitions - Figurative Art from the Collections of the National Gallery
(2007) Collective Work, Greek Painting: Permanent Collection
(2006) The House with Mosaics on Ios Island: Technique for Floor Renovation
(2004) Remembrance of a Dawn, Govostis Ekdotiki
(2004) Koskiná, Katerína, Yiannis Bouteas: States in flux 1970-2004
(2004) Botís, Giórgos I., Omitted from love: Poems, Platanos
(2001) Koutsochéras, Giánnis P., Ode to Ikaros, The Coutsoheras Foundation
(2001) Petrís, Tásos, Rhodos, Chalke, Tilos, Symi
(2001) Hellas for ever, Kaktos
(1999) Botís, Giórgos I., The alphabet of love, Platanos
(1998) Soúli, Sofía A., Greek Mythology
(1998) Giagkákis, Geórgios K., Tinos
(1998) Mavrommátis, Emmanouíl, Interchangeable and Combinative Systems in the Painting and Printing of Xenis Sachinis, Paratiritis
(1997) Soúli, Sofía A., Greek Cookery and Wines
(1997) Eleftheriádis, Mímis, Lesvos
(1997) Soúli, Sofía A., Love Life of the Ancient Greeks
(1997) Collective Work, The Aegean, Melissa Publishing House
(1996) Gkimosoúlis, Kostís, Her Night on Red, Kedros Publishers
(1995) Crete, Ekdotike Athenon
(1995) Soúli, Sofía A., Greek Mythology
(1995) Mykonos, Delos
(1995) Christodoúlou, Chrístos, The Manakis Brothers, Organization for the Cultural Capital of Europe - Thessaloniki 1997
(1995) Valtinós, Thanásis, The Peloponnese, Synolo
(1994) Desýpris, Giánnis, Dodecanese Islands
(1993) Lampráki - Pláka, Marína, The Child in Modern Greek Art, Adam Editions
(1992) Malia, Ekdotike Athenon
(1991) Despotópoulos, Konstantínos I., Philosophy of History in Ancient Greece, Academy of Athens
(1990) Ioánnou - Giannará, Tatiána, Greek Threadwork, Melissa Publishing House
(1984) The Greek Folk Costume, Melissa Publishing House

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