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Tsaroúchis, Giánnis

Τσαρούχης, Γιάννης, 1910-1989

Works found in the Biblionet database
(2000) Between Sunrise and Sunset, Agra Publications
(1993) In Vain They Cast Shame Upon My Soul, Kastaniotis
(1991) Worthless Beauty, Adam Editions
(1990) Like a Little Bird Alone on a Roof, Kastaniotis
(1989) I am Poor and Impoverished, Kastaniotis
(1989) A Stone Rejected by the Stonemasons, Kastaniotis
Participation in collective Works
(2013) Makroulakis: Images in Harmony 1956-2013, B & M Theocharakis Foundation for the Fine Arts and Music
(2009) Piraeus
(2004) Tsarouchis Reads Cavafy, at the House of Andreas Embiricos, Agra Publications
(1994) Dimitris Pikionis, Bastas Publications
(1995) Euripides, The Trojan Women, Odos Panos
(1989) Euripides, Orestes, Kastaniotis [translator, illustrator]
(2011) Calendar 2012, From the Treasures of the National Gallery [paintings]
(2010) Collective Work, Yannis Tsarouchis 1910 - 1989, Benaki Museum [paintings]
(2008) Treasures of the National Gallery III: Scent of a Woman in Greek Painting [paintings]
(2008) Cut + Paste, State Museum Of Contemporary Art [artworks]
(2007) Collective Work, Affinities: Flowers in Greek Art [paintings]
(2007) Collective Work, Greek Painting: Permanent Collection [paintings]
(2006) Treasures of the National Gallery [paintings]
(2006) Kollátos, Dimítris, The Olive Trees, Kastaniotis [illustrator]
(2005) Schiná, Athiná, Tsarouchis: Multiple copies 1936-1989: Dimitris Tsitouras collection, Militos [paintings]
(2002) Lila de nobili - Yannis Tsarouchis:An Encounter, Benaki Museum [paintings]
(1998) Fayum Portraits and the Generation of the '30s in its Search for Greekness: Benaki Museum 24 June-26 July 1998, Benaki Museum [paintings]
(1994) Papoutsídis, Níkos - Giórgos, The Magical Notebook and Its Pictures, Patakis Publishers [paintings]
(1989) Kavvadías, Níkos, The Watch, Agra Publications [illustrator]

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