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Soldátos, Giánnis

Σολδάτος, Γιάννης, 1952-

Works found in the Biblionet database
(2008) In the Sign of Aries, Aegokeros
(2004) Chronicle of a Great Tragedy, Aegokeros [author, series editor]
(2002) History of Greek Cinema, Aegokeros [author, series editor]
(2002) History of Greek Cinema, Aegokeros
(2002) History of Greek Cinema, Aegokeros
(2000) All-Weather Man, Aegokeros
(2000) Self Deception, Aegokeros
(1999) Eve, Aegokeros
(1996) The Enigma, Kastaniotis
(1995) Greek Cinema, Aegokeros
(1992) Terror Stories, Aegokeros
(1984) Jean-Luc Goddard, Aegokeros [author, series editor]
(1983) War Stories, Aegokeros
(2012) Collective Work, De la littérature au cinéma: Actes de la Journée d'Etude, Aegokeros [series editor]
(2010) Dominatrix, Aegokeros [series editor]
(2003) Koúrtis, Vangélis, Buster Keaton, Aegokeros [series editor]
(2000) Collective Work, Jules Dassin, Thessaloniki International Film Festival [editor]
(2000) Kalantídis, Dimítris, Literature of Greek Cinematography 1923-2000, Aegokeros [editor]
(1999) Soúmas, Thódoros, Twelve European Film Directors, Aegokeros [series editor]
(1994) Moschovákis, Antónis, Cineselec tion, Panhellenic Union of Film Critics [editor]
(1992) Koliodímos, Dimítris, Bruce Lee, Aegokeros [series editor]
(1988) The Woman Who Saw the Dreams, Aegokeros [series editor]
(1988) Aktsóglou, Bámpis, Western Movies, Aegokeros [series editor]
(1988) Angelópoulos, Theódoros, Landscape in the Fog, Aegokeros [series editor]
(1987) Seïtanídis, Vangélis, Robert Altman, Aegokeros [series editor]
(1987) Triantafýllou, Sóti, Contemporary French Cinema, Aegokeros [series editor]
(1986) Tarnanás, Andréas, Alain Resnais, Aegokeros [series editor]
(1986) Sioúkas, Tásos, Japanese Cinema, Aegokeros [series editor]
(1986) Goudélis, Tásos, Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, Aegokeros [series editor]
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(1983) Clarens, Carlos, Onscreen Monsters, Aegokeros [series editor]

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