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Rafailídis, Vasílis

Ραφαηλίδης, Βασίλης, 1934-2000

Works found in the Biblionet database
(2003) Arabs, 21st Century
(2000) Capitalism, 21st Century
(1999) The Great Adventure of Marxism, 21st Century
(1999) Beyond Cinematography, 21st Century
(1998) The Peoples of the Near East , 21st Century
(1997) Revolutionary and Freedom Movements, 21st Century
(1996) Twelve Lessons in Cinematography, Aegokeros
(1996) The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, 21st Century
(1996) Warm and Cold Wars, 21st Century
(1996) People of Europe, 21st Century
(1996) The Poet's Gaze, Aegokeros
(1995) 20 Texts About 127 Heresies, 21st Century
(1995) Greek Cinema, Aegokeros
(1995) Mythical History of the Barbarian Ancestors of the Present Europeans, 21st Century
(1994) The People of the Balkans, 21st Century
(1992) Memorial Service for an Unfinished Death, 21st Century
(1992) Basic Aesthetics, 21st Century
(1990) Cinematic Themes, Aegokeros
(1989) The Hair of the Bald Murderer, Aegokeros
(1988) Cinematic Themes, Aegokeros
(1987) Topics on Cinematography, Aegokeros
(1985) Cinematic Subjects, Aegokeros
(1985) Topics on Cinematography, Aegokeros
(1984) Film Construction, Aegokeros
The Misty Landscape of History, Aegokeros
Participation in collective Works
(2004) Víctor Erice, Thessaloniki International Film Festival

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