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Gavalá, María

Γαβαλά, Μαρία


Maria Gavala was born in 1947, in Athens. She studied history and archaeology at the University of Athens. She has been a member of the editorial team of Syghronos Kinimatografos ("Modern Cinema") magazine, in the '70s and the '80s. She has written numerous articles on cinema, novels and screenplays. She has directed the feature films About Love, The Perfume of the Violet and The Magic Glass. She has also directed documentaries for the TV. She has written the novels: The Maid of Angels, The Lady of the House, Sea Resort in the Middle of Winter, In the Cool Shade of My Gardens, Extreme Weather Conditions (all by Hestia Publishers) and The Plaza Girls (by Polis Publishers). She also works as a film reviewer.

Works found in the Biblionet database
(2006) The Plaza Girls, Polis Publishers
(2003) Extreme Weather Conditions, Hestia Publishers
(2001) In The Cool Shade of My Gardens, Hestia Publishers
(1999) Sea Resort in the Middle of Winter, Hestia Publishers
(1996) The Lady of the House, Hestia Publishers
(1994) The Maid of Angels, Hestia Publishers
Participation in collective Works
(2008) Ousmane Sembene, Oxy Publications
(2004) Abbas Kiarostami, Kastaniotis
(2003) Fritz Lang, Kastaniotis
(1983) Soúmas, Thódoros, Cinema, Sex and Eroticism, Aegokeros [editor]

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