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Tsirópoulos, Kóstas E.

Τσιρόπουλος, Κώστας Ε., 1930-2017

Great National Literary Prize [2007]
Works found in the Biblionet database
(2001) Anochecer la Noche Anoche, Efthini
(2000) Athletes´ Rest, Efthini
(2000) Everyday Eternity, Efthini
(1999) Contesting the Establishment, Editions of Friends
(1998) Otherness, Efthini
(1995) Human Testimony, Editions of Friends
(1995) Human Affair, Efthini
(1993) Agonizing Duty, Editions of Friends
(1992) Autopsy of an Age, Editions of Friends
(1990) Scylla and Charybdis, Efthini
(1989) Music, Efthini
(1988) Mystery, Efthini
(1987) ABC, Astir
(1985) Freedom Education, Editions of Friends
(1984) The Ghosts, Efthini
(1984) Te Punctuation Mark, Efthini
(1981) Body Civilisation , Efthini
(1980) The Last Supper, Astir
(1980) Romanesque Painting. Byzantine Painting, Astir
(1979) The Previous Speakers, Editions of Friends
(1978) Desire, Editions of Friends
(1974) The Hunter and the Wild Beasts, Editions of Friends
(1972) Distant Lonely Moon, Editions of Friends
Participation in collective Works
(2000) Tribute to Angelos Terzakis, Efthini
(2000) Human Rights, Efthini

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