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Stavrópoulos, Státhis D.

Σταυρόπουλος, Στάθης Δ.

Works found in the Biblionet database
(1999) Humour Cartoons 1999, Kedros Publishers
(1988) Without Words, Vavel
(2013) Kontoléon, Mános, Seats of Stone, Patakis Publishers [illustrator]
(2010) Collective Work, Perikles Xanthippou, The Acropolis Museum [illustrator]
(2010) The Athens of Pericles: A Cartoonist's View, The Acropolis Museum [illustrator]
(2005) The Wizard of Fire [illustrator]
(2003) Tsoukalás, Giórgos, Theseus and the Minotaur, [illustrator]
(2003) Tsoukalás, Giórgos, The Feats of Theseus, [illustrator]
(2002) Gramménos, Bámpis, Alexander the Great, [illustrator]
(2001) Rodopoúlou - Rózou, Soúla, Leonidas, Leda and the Green Parrot, Nikodimos [illustrator]
(2000) Trivizás, Evgénios, Pegasus and Mendios, Ministry of Press and Mass Media. Secretariat General of Information [illustrator]
(1999) Kontoléon, Mános, The Story of a Dog Called… We'll See, Patakis Publishers [illustrator]
(1999) Fyssoún, Téta, The Time Always Comes, Proskinio [illustrator]
(1998) Frágkos, Konstantínos P., Women, Power and Politicians, Dodoni [illustrator]
(1998) Sakellaríou, Cháris, The Everlasting Fire, Kastaniotis [illustrator]
(1998) Mourselás, Kóstas, A Game of Four , Kastaniotis [illustrator]
(1997) Ioannídis, Ioánnis D., Love Is Prohibited, Kastaniotis [illustrator]
(1997) Collective Work, First-person Love, Kedros Publishers [illustrator]
(1997) Anagnóstou, Katerína, The Emperor´s Donkey, Kastaniotis [illustrator]
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(1996) Kontoléon, Mános, Two Stories Asking Questions, [illustrator]
(1996) Ioannídis, Ioánnis D., The Story With the Blue Pencil, Kastaniotis [illustrator]
(1996) Chatzianagnóstou, Tákis, The Flame of Youth, [illustrator]
(1996) Ioannídis, Ioánnis D., The Lost Sequel, [illustrator]
(1996) Chatzianagnóstou, Tákis, Holy Land, [illustrator]
(1996) Nikorétzos, Dimítris, Words of the Heart, [illustrator]
(1996) Chatzianagnóstou, Tákis, The Little Peddler, [illustrator]
(1996) Tsoukalás, Giórgos, The Heroes of Ancient Greece, [illustrator]
(1996) Grigoriádou - Souréli, Galáteia, Cassette Wizards, [illustrator]
(1996) Kornílios, Manólis, Your Name is Very Nice, Freedom, Kastaniotis [illustrator]
(1996) Ioannídis, Ioánnis D., The Basket With Errors, [illustrator]
(1996) Tzórtzoglou, Nítsa, Without Borders , Kastaniotis [illustrator]
(1995) Dimópoulos, Ntínos, The Dolphins of the Amvrakikos Gulf, Kastaniotis [illustrator]
(1995) Damanáki, María, The Female Face of Authority, Kastaniotis [illustrator]
(1992) Voïklís, Giórgos, Forgotten Paths, Kastaniotis [illustrator]
(1990) Vlámi, Éva, Mermaids of the Deep, Kastaniotis [illustrator]
(1988) Panágos, Thódoros, Two Masks For One Role, Synchroni Epochi [illustrator]
(1988) Liakópoulos, Thódoros, The Struggle Requires High Spirits, Synchroni Epochi [illustrator]
(1988) Tzórtzoglou, Nítsa, The Three Sigmas, Kastaniotis [illustrator]
(1988) Ioannídis, Ioánnis D., The Quaint Gift, Kastaniotis [illustrator]
(1987) Aranítou, Liána, 19 Absurdities and One With 2 Horses, Synchroni Epochi [illustrator]
(1985) Dimópoulos, Ntínos, Master Know-All and his Friends, Kastaniotis [illustrator]
(1985) Ioannídis, Ioánnis D., The White Horse, Kastaniotis [illustrator]

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