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in Greece 2011


(2011) Arápoglou, Evíta, 3 Kriezotou Street, Benaki Museum [photographer]
(2011) Collective Work, Jean Altamouras, Benaki Museum [photographer]
(2011) Calendar 2012, From the Treasures of the National Gallery [photographer]
(2011) Collective Work, Unknown Treasures from the National Gallery Collections [photographer]
(2011) Collective Work, A Tribute to Yannis Moralis [photographer]
(2009) Calendar 2010, Ernst Ziller 1837 - 1923, Architectural Drawings for Georgian Athens [photographer]
(2008) Hommage à la Grèce résistante, 1940 - 1944 [photographer]
(2008) Collective Work, Antike und Moderne: Erinnerungen an die Antike in der modernen Kunst Griechenlands [photographer]
(2008) Treasures of the National Gallery III: Scent of a Woman in Greek Painting [photographer]
(2007) Collective Work, Greek Painting: Permanent Collection [photographer]
(2007) Sailing the Seas of Greek Painting [photographer]
(2006) Collective Work, Paris - Athènes 1863-1940 [photographer]

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