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Skampardónis, Giórgos

Σκαμπαρδώνης, Γιώργος


Yorgos Skabardonis (1953-) was born in Thessaloniki. His studies were in French literature. He has worked for newspapers, television and the radio and has written scripts for television documentaries together with the film script for Pandelis Vulgaris' film, Everything's a Road, in cooperation with the director. He was editor of the newspaper Thessaloniki, and the magazines TH-97 (Ipektsi Prize), Tamarix and Hilia Dendra. At present, he is editor of the cultural magazine Panselinos, a supplement of the Sunday Macedonia. Of his works, The Textiles’ Passage was awarded the 1993 State Literary Prize for the best collection of short stories. Stories by him have been translated into ten languages.

- The General's Embroidering Again [short stories], Athens: Kastaniotis, 1997
- The Textiles' Passage [short Stories], Athens: Kastaniotis, 1992
- The Eucharist's Soft Centre-Outer Lane [short stories], Athens: Kastaniotis 1990.
- Sunday Afternoon [album], Music by Stamatis Kraounakis, Photography by the Zarzonis Brothers, 2000
- I'm Aging Successfully [novel], Athens: Kedros 2000. 234pp. ISBN: 960-04-1857-8 .

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