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Valaorítis, Nános

Βαλαωρίτης, Νάνος, 1921-2019

Ourani Foundation Academy of Athens Award [2004]
Great National Literary Prize [2009]
Works found in the Biblionet database
(2010) Poems, 1, Ypsilon
(2010) Poems 2, Ypsilon
(2005) Are you Acquainted with Elpiniki? [author, illustrator]
(2004) God's Dog, Kastaniotis
(2002) The broken arms of the Venus de Milo, Agra Publications
(1999) Arising From the Bones, Nefeli
(1998) Allegorical Cassandra, Kastaniotis
(1998) God's Dog, Kastaniotis
(1997) Modernism, Avant Garde and Revivals, Kastaniotis
(1996) Anideogrammata, Kastaniotis
(1996) The Sun - Hangman of a Green Thought, Kastaniotis
(1996) Paramythology, Nefeli
(1993) My Life After Death Guaranteed, Nefeli
(1990) For a Theory of Writing, Exandas
(1989) Andreas Empirikos, Ypsilon
(1986) The Talking Ape Fairytale, Aegokeros
(1984) Xerxes´ Treasure, Hestia Publishers
(1982) Feathery Confession, Ikaros
(1980) The Traitor of the Written Word, Ikaros
(1977) Anonymous poem on St John the Luminous, Ikaros
Participation in collective Works
(2011) Venia Dimitrakopoulou, Mapping Oneself
(2007) India, Colours of Life, Kastaniotis
(1999) At the Turn of the Century, Nefeli
(1987) Memoir of Andreas Empirikos, Ypsilon
(2008) Cut + Paste, State Museum Of Contemporary Art [artworks]
(2007) Collective Work, Visual Arts in Greece 2007, State Museum Of Contemporary Art [artworks]
(1998) Valaorítis, Aristotélis, A Romantic, Ermis Ekdotiki [anthologist, editor]

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