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Germanós, Freddy

Γερμανός, Φρέντυ, 1934-1999

Works found in the Biblionet database
(2005) We Went Totally Mad, Kastaniotis
(2000) The Object (Nicos Zachariadis), Kastaniotis
(1999) The Velvet Woman, Kastaniotis
(1999) Good News From Aphrodite, Kastaniotis
(1999) Damp Nights, Kastaniotis
(1997) Tereza, Kastaniotis
(1996) Elli Lambeti, Kaktos
(1995) Write It As I Say It, Kaktos
(1995) Greece Under Zero, Kaktos
(1995) Sorry, My Mistake!, Kaktos
(1995) Neither Salt Nor Pepper, Kaktos
(1995) Think Before You Buy That, Kaktos
(1995) To Err Twice, Kaktos
(1975) Fap
Participation in collective Works
(2011) Thessaloniki of Writers, Ianos

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