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in Greece 2011


Chrysós, Evángelos K.

Χρυσός, Ευάγγελος Κ.

Participation in collective Works
(2011) Russia and the Mediterranean: Proceedings of the First International Conference
(1993) Fourth International Congress on Graeco-Oriental and Graeco-African Studies, European Cultural Centre of Delphi
(2009) Collective Work, Captain and Scholar: Papers in Memory of Demetrios I. [editor]
(2003) Byzantium State and Society: In Memory of Nikos Oikonomides, National Hellenic Research Foundation. Institute for Byzantine Research [editor]
(1999) L' odyssée de l' éducation spartiate [series editor]
(1999) Collective Work, The Conquest of Constantinople, Akritas Publications [editor]
(1998) Balóglou, Chrístos P., Georgios Gemistos-Plethon: Ökonomisches Denken in der spätbyzantinischen Geisteswelt [series editor]
(1997) Dimitroúkas, Ioánnis Ch., Reisen und Verkehr im Byzantinischen Reich vom Anfang des 6. Jhr bis zur Mitte des 11. Jhr [series editor]
(1996) Nikoloúdis, Níkos, Laonikos Chalkokondyles [series editor]
(1996) Antonópoulos, Panagiótis, Emperor Constantine VII the Porphyrogennetus and the Magyars [series editor]
(1995) Moyseídou, Giasmína, Byzantium and its Northern Neighbours in the 10th Century [series editor]
(1993) Kyriákis, Evángelos K., Byzantium and the Bulgarians in the 7th to 10th Centuries [series editor]
(1993) Kólias, Taxiárchis G., Nicephorus II Focas 963-969 [series editor]
(1991) Ilieva, Aneta, Frankish Morea 1205-1262 [series editor]
(1991) Vlysídou, Vasilikí N., Foreign Policy and Domestic Reactions During the Reign of Basil I [series editor]
(1991) Kólia - Dermitzáki, Athiná, The Byzantine "Holy War" [series editor]
(1990) Antonópoulos, Panagiótis, Peter the Patrician [series editor]
(1988) Tsougkarákis, Dimítris I., Byzantine Crete [series editor]
(1988) Létsios, Dimítris G., Byzantium and the Red Sea [series editor]
(1988) Lamprópoulos, Kosmás, Ioannis Apocaucos [series editor]
(1987) Véllas, Michaíl V., Das westliche Kaiserreich und das lateinische Konigreich Thessalonike [series editor]
(1987) Niavís, Pávlos, The Reign of the Byzantine Emperor Nicephorus I [series editor]
(1986) Synélli, Katerína, Diplomatic Relations of Byzantium with Persia Until the 6th Century [series editor]

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