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Connolly, David

Literary Translation National Prize for a Greek Literature Work Translated into a Foreign Language [2008]
Participation in collective Works
(2002) Contemporary Greek fiction., Alexandria
(2011) Siókou, Giógia, Ancient Bee, Tipothito
(2010) Collective Work, Yannis Tsarouchis 1910 - 1989, Benaki Museum
(2009) Collective Work, Hellenica: Novelty Within or Beyond Language: Anthology of Young Greek Poets, Gavriilidis Editions
(2008) Counterpoised Harmony, To Rodakio
(2007) Engonópoulos, Níkos, Poems in Motion: The Athens School of Fine Arts Graphic Design Studio: Designs Based on Poems by Nikos Engonopoulos on Athens Public Transport
(2007) Engonópoulos, Níkos, The Beauty of a Greek: Poems, Ypsilon [anthologist, translator]
(2006) Nikos Engonopoulos: Mythology, Ypsilon
(2006) Collective Work, Patras' Poets in European Languages
(2004) Véltsos, Giórgos, Shadow, Indiktos
(2003) Doúka, Máro, Come Forth, King, Kedros Publishers
(1998) Elýtis, Odysséas, Journal of an Unseen April, Ypsilon
(1997) Collective Work, The Aegean, Melissa Publishing House
(1997) Chatzópoulos, Thanásis, As If Present, Diametros Publications
(1996) Sketches and Colours, Ypsilon
(2003) Greek Writers Today, Hellenic Authors' Society [anthologist]

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