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Fais, Michel

Φάις, Μισέλ


Michel Fa?s (1957-) was born in Komotini and is of Jewish descent. He studied economics at the University of Athens and works as a literary critic and publishing editor. Since 1994 he has worked to further the literary and artistic reputation of the folklorist, aesthete and painter, Giulio Ka?mis (Greek Landscapes, 1993; A Silent Man, 1994; Santanga or Six Rules of Painting and Rodakis' House in Aigina, 1997). In 1996, he published Last View, an album with photographs of tombs from all over Greece, which includes forty-five texts on mourning by artists and writers. On behalf of the Ministry of Culture, he also edited the voice archive, Voices of Writing (1998), which contains the voices of 32 prose writers and artists on CD. His stories have been translated into English, German and Czech.

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Participation in collective Works
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