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Kalokýris, Dimítris

Καλοκύρης, Δημήτρης, 1948-

Ourani Foundation Academy of Athens Award [2014]
Works found in the Biblionet database
(2001) Heading Towards Lucifer, Nefeli
(2001) The Museum of Numbers, Agra Publications [author, illustrator]
(1998) The Elixir of Their Voices, Ypsilon
(1997) Vocabulary, Ypsilon
(1996) Argosy, Kedros Publishers
(1995) The Discovery of Homeriki, Ypsilon
(1995) Modern Greek Literary Magazines, Ypsilon
(1994) Suspended Body, Ypsilon
(1993) Photo Romance, Ypsilon
(1992) Bad Air, Ypsilon
(1992) Miscellaneous Story, Ypsilon
(1992) The Fantastic Smokestacks, Ypsilon
(1991) Orestes´ Dream, Hestia Publishers [author, illustrator]
(1990) Colours of the Liquid Animal , Ypsilon
(1984) The Wharf, Ypsilon
Participation in collective Works
(1998) Of Animals and Men, Patakis Publishers
(1993) Vassilios Digenes Akritas, Kedros Publishers
(1993) Collective Work, About Libraries, Agra Publications
(2000) Aranítsis, Evgénios, Ips the Typographer, Patakis Publishers [illustrator]
(2000) Papantoníou, Zacharías L., The Parrot, Hestia Publishers [illustrator]
(2000) Kaváfis, Konstantínos P., Waiting for the Barbarians, Hestia Publishers [illustrator]
(1999) Véis, Giórgos, Night Paraphrase, Ypsilon [series editor]
(1993) Diamantopoúlou, Pierétta, The Shape of Water, Ypsilon [series editor]
(1991) Gramménos, Tákis, The Occident Unmasked, Ypsilon [series editor]
(1991) Elýtis, Odysséas, Lady Bicyclist, Hestia Publishers [illustrator]
(1991) Palamás, Kostís, Sun Tower, Hestia Publishers [illustrator]
(1991) Karyotákis, Kóstas G., Tonight the Little Moon, Hestia Publishers [illustrator]
(1990) Vakaló, Eléni, Facts and Stories about Mrs Rodalina, Ypsilon [series editor]
(1989) Karkavítsas, Andréas, The Mermaid, Hestia Publishers [illustrator]
(1988) Kyriakídis, Achilléas, Perverted Stories, Ypsilon [series editor]
(1988) Chouliáras, Giórgos, Treasure of the Balkans, Ypsilon [series editor]
(1987) Iliopoúlou, Ioulíta, Happy Years Marc, Ypsilon [series editor]
(1986) Gramménos, Tákis, The Light of the Market, Ypsilon [series editor]
(1984) Kyriakídis, Achilléas, Plural Monologue, Ypsilon [series editor]
(1983) Véis, Giórgos, Noon Dragon, Ypsilon [series editor]
(1983) Alexándrou, Áris, The Hill with the Fountain, Ypsilon [series editor]
(1983) Kazantzís, Tólis, The Protagonists, Ypsilon [series editor]
(1981) Patríkios, Títos, Arguments, Ypsilon [series editor]
(1981) Chouliáras, Giórgos, The Other Tongue, Ypsilon [series editor]
(1981) Engonópoulos, Níkos, Karagiozis, Ypsilon [series editor]
(1981) Cheimonás, Giórgos, Peisistratus, Ypsilon [series editor]
(1981) Gramménos, Tákis, Third History, Ypsilon [series editor]
(1981) Karoúzos, Níkos, Quiver , Ypsilon [series editor]
(1980) Elýtis, Odysséas, Concerning Andreas Empeirikos, Ypsilon [series editor]
(1980) Eleftheríou, Mános, Music Lessons. Incantations, Ypsilon [series editor]
(1980) Chatzidákis, Mános, Mythology, Ypsilon [series editor]
(1980) Theodorídis, Pános, In Desire's Arms, Ypsilon [series editor]
Roΐdis, Emmanouíl D., The Apple Tree, Hestia Publishers [illustrator]

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