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Theotokás, Giórgos

Θεοτοκάς, Γιώργος, 1905-1966


Giorgos Theotokas (1905-1966) was born in Constantinople where he graduated from the Greek-French Lyceum. In 1922 he and his family settled in Athens where he enrolled in the Law School. On graduating in 1927, he spent three years in Paris and in London, where he wrote his first book, Free Spirit, later seen as the manifesto of the Thirties Generation (it was published in Athens in 1929). He returned to Athens in 1929, practiced law and published many articles in the daily press and magazines. In 1940 he joined the army as a volunteer and fought in Albania. He co-founded Nea Grammata magazine (1935), was director of the National Theatre (1945-1946, 1951-1952) and chairman of the board of the State Theatre of Northern Greece. Theotokas wrote fiction, plays, poetry, essays, criticism and travel literature. He contributed to several literary journals and To Vima daily newspaper, and he was on the editorial board of Epohes magazine. He won the Athens Academy’s prize for the novel (in 1930, for The Demon), and the First State Essay Award (in 1957, for The Problems of Our Times). Some of his work has been translated into English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Czech, Dutch, Serbian, Swedish, Danish, Arabic, Japanese, Hindi, Urdu, Korean and Persian.

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