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Polítis, Kosmás

Πολίτης, Κοσμάς, 1888-1974


Cosmas Politis is the pen-name of Paraskevas Taveloudis, born in Athens in 1898. He moved with his father to Smyrna where he attended the local secondary school. He studied law. He worked as a bank clerk until 1922. After the Asia Minor Disaster he settled in Greece continuing his career as a bank employee.
Though he started writing relatively late in life, he is regarded as a representative figure of the so called The Thirties Generation. He has written five novels, one novelette, and a play. His novel work Marco Polo - Original research on his travels, would have remained unknown had he not entrusted his manuscript during the Junta Regime to Yannis Koridis.
It is an impressive piece of work, full of surprises, written in the familiar style of the author of Eroica.

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