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in Greece 2011


(2011) China, Kastaniotis
(2011) Chatzigákis, Sotíris, China 1978-2008, Kastaniotis
(2010) Vingopoúlou, Ióli, Calendar 2011: Ancient Places, Militos
(2010) Vingopoúlou, Ióli, Calendar 2011: Greece from the Air, Militos
(2009) Vingopoúlou, Ióli, Calendar 2010: Ancient Places, Militos
(2009) Vingopoúlou, Ióli, Pylos: Journey in Time, Militos
(2008) Vingopoúlou, Ióli, 365 Crete, Militos
(2008) Vingopoúlou, Ióli, Aegean Ex Altis: Aerial Photos by Yannis Yannelos, Militos
(2008) Chatziantoníou, Faídon, Mount Athos 2009, Militos
(2008) Vingopoúlou, Ióli, Ancient Places 2009, Militos
(2008) Vingopoúlou, Ióli, Calendar 2009: Greece, Militos
(2008) Calendar 2009: Nymphaion: The Name of a Fairytale, Militos
(2008) Collective Work, Hydra: 1920-1970, Militos
(2007) Vingopoúlou, Ióli, Greece 365: A Tour of her Environment, Legends, History and People, in 365 Pictures, Militos
(2007) Lampráki - Matthaiáki, Myrsíni, 365 Places, 365 Tastes: Tasty Journeys with Myrsini Lambraki, Militos
(2007) Georgios Xenos, Militos
(2007) Greece, Ekdotike Athenon
(2007) Collective Work, Macedonianism, Ephesus Publishing
(2007) Chatziantoníou, Faídon, Mount Athos 2008, Militos
(2007) Vingopoúlou, Ióli, Aegean 2008, Militos
(2007) Vingopoúlou, Ióli, Greece 2008, Militos
(2007) Vingopoúlou, Ióli, Hellas ex altis 2008, Militos
(2007) Stefanídis, Mános S., Calendar 2009: The Museum of the Hellenes: Six Centuries of Greek Painting, Militos
(2006) 365 Aegean, Militos
(2002) Linárdos - Rylmón, Pétros, From the Vision to the Reality, Hellenic Ministry of Culture
(1994) The Archon of the Crypt, Privately Published

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