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in Greece 2011


Eleftheriou, Michael

Ελευθερίου, Μιχάλης

(2011) Fantastical and Unearthly: Diary 2012
(2010) Bernier / Eliades Gallery, Agra Publications
(2010) The Duchess of Plaisance, History and myth: Diary 2011
(2009) Collective Work, Cityscapes
(2009) Collective Work, Pinku Eiga: Beyond Pink, Aegokeros
(2009) Collective Work, The Journey, Benaki Museum
(2009) Collective Work, Why Cinema Now?, Oxy Publications
(2009) Collective Work, People and Icons: Refugees' Heirlooms
(2009) Kastrinákis, Níkos, Tracing the Secular in the Sacred: Diary 2010
(2009) Leonidas Fanourakis: Small Constructions, Agra Publications
(2009) Shapes and Shadows from the Theatre, Agra Publications
(2008) Collective Work, Terence Davies, Oxy Publications
(2008) Angels: Diary 2009
(2008) Collective Work, Manos Zacharias: The Traveller of Memory, Aegokeros
(2008) Takis Diamantopoulos, Kastaniotis
(2007) Collective Work, Destroy Athens
(2007) Possible/Impossible: Aporias, Kastaniotis
(2007) Moutsópoulos, Thanásis, Red Utopia, Kastaniotis
(2007) Urban Void: Actions 1998-2006
(2007) Athens from on High, Potamos
(2007) Tobacco Factories=Les manufactures de tabac, Kastaniotis
(2007) Klimt, Schiele, Kokoschka and Their Time: Masterpieces from the Leopold Museum, Vienna
(2007) From Matière to the Image, National Museum of Contemporary Art
(2007) Performances and Films, National Museum of Contemporary Art
(2007) Collective Work, In a Dark Passage: Film Noir in Greek Cinema
(2007) Marks of the Aegean, Potamos
(2007) The Rum-Orthodox Schools of Istanbul, Agra Publications
(2006) Kardamítsi - Adámi, Máro, Classical Revival, Melissa Publishing House
(2006) Exhibition of Paintings, Prints and Sculptures 40 Years from the Foundation of the Federation Internationale Culturelle Feminine Section Grecque
(2006) Lydákis, Stélios, Museum of the City of Athens Vouros - Eutaxias Foundation
(2006) Collective Work, The Grand Promenade, National Museum of Contemporary Art
(2006) Collective Work, Immigration in Greek Cinema 1956-2006, Aegokeros
(2006) Christiana Soulou: Selected Drawings
(2005) Sights and sites, Kastaniotis
(2005) Collective Work, The Years of Defiance: The Art of the '70s in Greece, National Museum of Contemporary Art
(2005) Lydákis, Stélios, Portraiture in Painting: Alex Marathianakis Collection
(2004) Greek Doors, Potamos
(2004) The Path of Man and Worry Beads
(2004) Alexandros Issaris: The man and the enigma: Paintings 1999-2004, Exandas
(2004) Views of Athens by Contemporary Greek Painters
(2004) Journal, Agra Publications
(2004) Great Travellers in Athens
(2002) Samothrace, Recos
(2002) Kontogeórgis, Aristeídis, Tinos: A Stroll Around the Municipality of Exombourgo
Papagiannópoulos, Apóstolos, Thasos, Recos
(2010) Collective Work, Yannis Tsarouchis 1910 - 1989, Benaki Museum [editor]

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