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Kyriakídis, Vasílis

Κυριακίδης, Βασίλης

Works found in the Biblionet database
(2003) Peloponnesian War
(2003) Modern Greek Grammar Usage
(2002) Byzantium 284-518 CE
(2002) Classical Times
(2002) A Dictionary of Literary Terms
(2002) The Greeks Conquer the Mediterranean
(2002) The Persian Wars
(2001) Adjectives
(2001) Concise Greek History
(2001) Learn World History Simplified
(2001) The Romans from Might to Decay and Fall
(2001) Hymn to Freedom, by Dionysios Solomos
(2001) Philip - Alexander the Great
(1999) Irregular Ancient Greek Verbs
(1999) Aesop´s Fables
(1999) Brief Spelling Guide to Ancient and Katharevousa Greek
(1999) The Tenses of Ancient Greek Irregular Verbs
(1998) Man and Civilisation
(1998) Etymological Explorations
(1998) Just Before the Civil Service Examination
(1997) Andreas Calvos, Alone and Forgotten
(1997) Byzantium 1204-1453 CE
(1997) Byzantium 518 - 1204 CE
(1997) Byzantium, Biographies and Other Matters
(1997) Aphorisms
(1997) The Conquest of Constantinople

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