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in Greece 2011


Maniótis, Giórgos N.

Μανιώτης, Γιώργος Ν.

Works found in the Biblionet database
(2011) Now, Psichogios
(2007) Knowlenge of the Dead, Ellinika Grammata
(2005) Forty Waves, Ellinika Grammata
(2003) Winged Cow, Ellinika Grammata
(2001) Dad's lawn, Ellinika Grammata
(2000) Sappho's Cigarettes, Ellinika Grammata
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(1996) Hallelujah, Patakis Publishers
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(1982) Errant Life. Saint Kyriaki, Hestia Publishers
Packman Will Get Them All, Patakis Publishers
Participation in collective Works
(2011) Eros 13, Psichogios
(1998) Sante, Ypsilon
(1997) First-person Love, Kedros Publishers
(1996) The sacred water: The mineral springs of Lesvos, Privately Published

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