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in Greece 2011


Kalligá, Lízi

Καλλιγά, Λίζη

Works found in the Biblionet database
(2012) At the Xenia Hotel in Andros 2001 - 2012: An Archive Opens, Cube Art Editions
(2013) Dark Waters - Eleusina, 1994 - 2013, Cube Art Editions [artworks, photographer]
(2010) Collective Work, Metoikesis, Cube Art Editions [photographer]
(2008) Sea Pastels, Cube Art Editions [photographer]
(2008) Visual Arts in Greece 3: And Now?, State Museum Of Contemporary Art [artworks]
(2006) Masquerades: Femininity, Masculinity and Other Certainties, State Museum Of Contemporary Art [photographer]
(2005) 23rd Biennale of Alexandria 2005: Greek Participation, Cube Art Editions [artworks]
(2003) Stathátos, Giánnis, Archaeologies, Thessaloniki Museum of Photography [photographer]
(2003) Swimmers: Photographs Drawings Etchings 1997-2003, Cube Art Editions [photographer, paintings]
(2001) Stathátos, Giánnis, Image and Icon: The New Greek Photography, Thessaloniki Museum of Photography [photographer]
(2000) Stathátos, Giánnis, Image and Icon, Thessaloniki Museum of Photography [photographer]
(2000) Stathátos, Giánnis, Image et Icône, Thessaloniki Museum of Photography [photographer]
(1998) Sacred Way, Agra Publications [photographer]

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