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Márra, Eiríni

Μάρρα, Ειρήνη


Irini Marra (1943 - 1998) made her first appearance on the literary scene when she was 17 years old with a study of children's literature and went on to write poetry, short stories and to translate. She entered the world of children's books in 1974 with the book Velvet Hands after which many books followed. She also wrote drama, translated, wrote and presented radio and television programmes with the active participation of children.

Major Works
1991 Theogony, the Oldest Story in the World
picture book, Patakis Publishers
1998 The Empty Bottle novel, Patakis Publishers
2000 Small Doup
novel, Patakis Publishers

Works found in the Biblionet database
(2002) The trilogy of the penny, Ellinika Grammata
(2001) Gialoussa, Ellinika Grammata
(2000) Little Doop, Patakis Publishers
(1999) Polar and Honeybunch, Ellinika Grammata
(1999) The Fairy, Ellinika Grammata
(1997) White Dragon and his Company, Kedros Publishers
(1997) What´s Your Name? Giannis, Ellinika Grammata
(1997) What´s Your Name? Constantinos Helene, Ellinika Grammata
(1997) What is Your Name? Nicos, Elias, Ellinika Grammata
(1996) The Empty Bottle, Patakis Publishers
(1994) A Story for Two, Kastaniotis
(1991) Gialoussa, Kedros Publishers
(1990) Trilogy of the Two Drachma Piece, Kedros Publishers
(1989) Theogeny, Patakis Publishers
(1988) Lace Hands, Kedros Publishers
(1987) The Secret Song of Mata, Kedros Publishers

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