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in Greece 2011


Katrákis, Pótis

Κατράκης, Πότης

Works found in the Biblionet database
(2012) Hermit on the Mount Athos
(2012) Hope is Alive
(2012) Infected with AIDS
(2012) Mais, il y a l' espoir
(2012) The Divine Fallacy
(2012) The Lips of Spring
(2012) Experiences: Poetry
(2011) A Child of Gold
(2011) The Third Way
(2011) The Unexpected Things of Love
(2011) When the Birds Fall Silent
(2011) Цена Вопроса (Query Worthy)
(2010) Eyes of Soul
(2010) 不可預料的
(2009) Query Worthty
(2009) The Unforeseen
(2008) COБРАНИЕ No 7
(2008) Любовньіе Истории
(2002) Myrianthe, Iolkos Publications
(1999) Deceitful Paradise, Sideris I. Publications
(1999) Erotica No 3: Poems
(1998) Essays, Sideris I. Publications

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