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Rigátos, Gerásimos A.

Ρηγάτος, Γεράσιμος Α., 1945-


Gerassimos A. Rigatos, born 1945, is a specialist of Medical Oncology, Director of Cancer Hospital since 1983 and Assoc. Professor since 1989. He has written a number of books on Medicine and diseases in ancient and modern Greek literature, on folklore and history of Medicine and four books of short stories. He has been honoured with various prizes, including Athens Academy First Class Award (1989), Award of Greek Writers' Society (1994) e.t.c.

Major Works
1997 Medicine and Proverbs.
Study on proverbs related to folk medicine
1997 Contemporary Greek Surnames of Medical Origin.
Interpretation of surnames indicating bodily or medical peculiarities
1999 Ancient Medicine in Greek folk Tradition.
Comparison of perceptions on health and diseases
between antiquity and modern Greek tradition
1999 Love of leaving.
Short stories
2000 The health in the sircle of the year. Diary of medical folklore.
Registration of various folk actions for health, by date

"G. Rigatos is an indefatigable and admirably resourceful student and investigator who has established by himself a specific sector of literary investigation by locating and systematically commenting on specific passages in literature refering to the human body, its state of health and mainly its diseases.
This is a beneficial contribution since, no matter from where literature starts (as any human activity) it will lead up to the body of its heroes, which is the vehicle of ideas, as well as emotions and actions.
[ ] I would say that G. Rigatos stands in the center of these studies. In his investigations he has also payed special attention to the search of these topics in folk civilization and folk literature..."'

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