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Mandilarás, Fílippos

Μανδηλαράς, Φίλιππος


Filippos Mandilaras was born in Athens in 1965. He studied French and English literature in Paris and then attended seminars in anthropology at EHESS and Creative Writing Seminars. Currently he is involved with creative writing for children.
He has published a CD-ROM with A. Passia and M. C. Bidou: "Pixie and the Search for the Lost Word" (Patakis Publishers), which was awarded First Prize by the First Greek Mobius Award (1999), and a book entitled "Creative Writing for Children". He has collaborated with A. Passias on 16 books for young children (Fytrakis Publishers).

Major Works
1999 The Great Shadow and the Gypsies novel,
Patakis Publishers

Works found in the Biblionet database
(2012) The Olympic victor who saw the fish swim, Patakis Publishers
(2011) Hyenas, Patakis Publishers
(2010) Leonidas, Papadopoulos Publishing
(2008) My First Mythology, Papadopoulos Publishing
(2008) The Crazy Balls, Patakis Publishers
(2007) Bananafish, Patakis Publishers
(2001) Magical Masks of February, Fytrakis
(2001) The Secret of Lost Spring, Fytrakis
(2000) A Leprechaun in our Company, Fytrakis
(2000) Who is Making Fun of the Elves?, Patakis Publishers
(1999) The Great Shadow and the Romani, Patakis Publishers
Participation in collective Works
(2003) Catch them! , Patakis Publishers
(2000) Unexpected Morning Encounters, Fytrakis
(2000) Srarshine, Fytrakis
(2000) The Story of Captain Constantis, Fytrakis
(2000) Summer Storm, Fytrakis
(2000) Sunrise on the Island, Fytrakis
(2000) See You Under the Tamarix Trees, Fytrakis
(2000) In the Shipyard, Fytrakis
(2000) On Lighthouse Isle, Fytrakis
(2000) Voyage at Sea, Fytrakis
(2000) Stormy Summer Night, Fytrakis
(2000) The Secret of Atlantis, Fytrakis
(2000) Shipwreck on the Purple Sea, Fytrakis
(1999) Walk to the Park, Fytrakis
(1999) It´s Raining in the Woods, Fytrakis
(1999) Vacation on the Beach, Fytrakis
(1999) The Home of Mr. Absent-Minded, Fytrakis
(1998) Chestnut Armour, Fytrakis
(1998) The Shadow that Fooled the Sun, Fytrakis
(1998) The Blackbird that Fooled the Rain, Fytrakis
(1998) The Spruce that Fooled the Wind, Fytrakis
(1998) The Butterfly´s Quilt, Fytrakis
(1998) The Snake´s Molt, Fytrakis
(1998) The Little Fish that Fooled Winter, Fytrakis
The Troll and the Quest for the Missing Word, Patakis Publishers
(2005) Spentzís, Pétros, The Winds' Lair, Patakis Publishers [editor]

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