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Veroútsou, Katerína

Βερούτσου, Κατερίνα

(2010) Ilios’s Talent [illustrator]
(2006) Swimming in Deep Water , Papadopoulos Publishing [illustrator]
(2005) Tsítas, Mákis, I Don’t Like Milk, Psichogios [illustrator]
(2004) Loΐzou, Máro, The secret of the silver planet (the positive aspect of the writer for the course of life) ISBN 960-16-1182-7, Patakis Publishers [illustrator]
(2003) Loΐzou, Máro, The butterfly that could not keep its promise (pollution) ISBN 960-16-0996-2, Patakis Publishers [illustrator]
(2003) Chourmouziádou, Eliána, A story up and down the clouds, Kedros Publishers [illustrator]
(2003) Vasiláki, Póly, The goldfish from heaven, Kedros Publishers [illustrator]
(2002) Loΐzou, Máro, The immortal donkey (recycling of life) , Patakis Publishers [illustrator]
(2001) Loΐzou, Máro, Man Advances, Patakis Publishers [illustrator]
(2001) Loΐzou, Máro, Journey to the core of the earth or literaly journey to the heart of the nucleus, Patakis Publishers [illustrator]
(2000) Karagiórgi, Christína, The Magic Mirror, Minoas [illustrator]
(2000) Karthaíou, Réna, Following the Sun's Trails, Patakis Publishers [illustrator]
(2000) Loΐzou, Máro, Two Roe Deer in Love, Patakis Publishers [illustrator]
(1999) Vasiláki, Póly, Nephele's Smile, Patakis Publishers [illustrator]
(1999) Loΐzou, Máro, The Most Beautiful Orange Tree, Patakis Publishers [illustrator]
(1999) Loΐzou, Máro, The Stone Book, Patakis Publishers [illustrator]
(1999) Choreánthi, Eléni, Songs of Earth and Sky, Patakis Publishers [illustrator]
(1998) Loΐzou, Máro, The Course of Life, Patakis Publishers [illustrator]
(1998) Loΐzou, Máro, Once Upon a Time There Was a Cosmic Egg, Patakis Publishers [illustrator]
(1997) Grigoriádou - Souréli, Galáteia, Come to my Baptism, Akritas Publications [illustrator]
(1997) Márra, Eiríni, White Dragon and his Company, Kedros Publishers [illustrator]
(1997) Kásdaglis, Níkos, In Panormitis, Kedros Publishers [illustrator]
(1996) Panagiotopoúlou - Rízou, Lítsa, Alexandros and Anny, [illustrator]
(1996) Tsíros, Spýros G., Sun With Fringes, Kedros Publishers [illustrator]
(1996) Vogiatzóglou, Stélla, Birbiris´ Adventures in the Mythical Land, Kedros Publishers [illustrator]
(1996) Tragákis, Stratís, Saracenico, Kedros Publishers [illustrator]
(1996) Veletá - Vasileiádou, María, The Secret of the Fifth Floor, [illustrator]
(1993) Petrí, Angelikí, The Good Fairy and the Waterfall, Livanis Publishing Organization - Mythos [illustrator]

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