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Vryóni, Gióta

Βρυώνη, Γιώτα


Yiota Vryoni was born in Thessaloniki in 1960. Trained in journalism, art and graphic design she practiced these professions before she turned to writing and illustrating children's fairy tales where she felt she could unite her talents. Her experiencing of profoundly different environments and people from California, Michigan, Italy and Greece enabled her to distill what she believes to be the essence of human life, the power of dreaming and realizing one's dreams. She is married to an architect - university professor and has a nine year old daughter who is the judge of her work. She lives in Athens area, in an artist's colony overlooking the sea.
She collaborates with the Scholar department of the Ministry of Education as a graphic designer. She is currently preparing a number of new books for publication for both young and not so young readers, since she believes that dreaming is a creative force which is endowed not to the young in body but to the young in spirit

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(2000) The Dream of Janus, Smyrniotakis Publications [author, illustrator]
(2000) Voyage to the End of the World, Smyrniotakis Publications [author, illustrator]
(2000) The cricket and the rose, Smyrniotakis Publications [author, illustrator]

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