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Sgourós, Giórgos

Σγουρός, Γιώργος

(2011) Artzanídou, Eléni, Hidden Treasure in My Pocket, Psichogios [illustrator]
(2011) Fotis and the Christmas Rescue, Psichogios [illustrator]
(2009) Pablo Ponticasso, Modern Times Publications [illustrator]
(2007) Karakósta, Melína, T... for Apostolis, Patakis Publishers [illustrator]
(2007) Karakósta, Melína, The First Miracle in Anna's Life, Patakis Publishers [illustrator]
(2006) Lazy Town-Town, Kedros Publishers [illustrator]
(2005) Mummy won't Buy Me a Pet, Patakis Publishers [illustrator]
(2005) Plassará, Katerína, Our Vanishing Friends: Greek Domestic Animals from Ancient Times till Today: Notebook, Militos [illustrator]
(2004) Oikonomídou, Christína, Savoir Vivre, Psichogios [illustrator]
(2003) Super Skills A [illustrator]
(2003) Super Skills B [illustrator]
(2003) Super Skills C [illustrator]
(2003) Creative cooking for children and youngsters, Kedros Publishers [illustrator]
(2001) Tasákou, Tzémi, Phoebe, the moon Doe, Kedros Publishers [illustrator]

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