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in Greece 2011


Vagenás, Násos

Βαγενάς, Νάσος, 1945-

Ourani Foundation Academy of Athens Award [2013]
Works found in the Biblionet database
(2012) Postmodernism and Literature, Polis Publishers
(2001) Notes from the End of the Century, Kedros Publishers
(2001) Dark Ballads and Other Poems, Kedros Publishers
(1996) The Poet and the Dancer, Kedros Publishers
(1992) Barbaric Odes, Kedros Publishers
(1988) Labyrinth of Silence, Kedros Publishers
(1987) Wanderings of a Non-Traveller, Kedros Publishers
(1987) Roxanne´s Knees, Kedros Publishers
(1980) Biography, Kedros Publishers
Participation in collective Works
(2009) Cambridge in Athens, Periplous
(2000) Yorgos Seferis. Poet and Citizen: Multimedia Exhibition, National Book Centre of Greece
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(1999) Kondylákis, Ioánnis D., The Miserables of Athens, Nefeli [series editor]
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(1998) Karkavítsas, Andréas, Travel, Nefeli [series editor]
(1997) Short Stories, Nefeli [series editor]
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(1997) Ragkavís, Aléxandros Rízos, Leila and Other Short Stories, Nefeli [series editor]
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(1987) Rodokanákis, Pláton, De profundis [editor]

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