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Kapatsoúlia, Natalía

Καπατσούλια, Ναταλία

(2012) Mástori, Voúla, Fryni's Wobbly Tooth, Psichogios [illustrator]
(2011) Róssi - Zaΐri, Réna, The Naughtiest Christmas Witch, Psichogios [illustrator]
(2010) Mandilarás, Fílippos, Leonidas, Papadopoulos Publishing [illustrator]
(2009) Detective Melina, Metaichmio [illustrator]
(2008) Mandilarás, Fílippos, My First Mythology, Papadopoulos Publishing [illustrator]
(2008) Perperoua the Pirate and the fifteen Gondolas, Patakis Publishers [illustrator]
(2007) Trivizás, Evgénios, The Village of Joy, Papadopoulos Publishing [illustrator]
(2007) Kontóra, Évi, The Gang of Seven, Psichogios [illustrator]
(2007) Tzorídou, Katerína, The Heart’s Pocket, Ellinika Grammata [illustrator]
(2007) I Want to Be a Hero, Papadopoulos Publishing [illustrator]
(2006) Tsítas, Mákis, Frieds, Psichogios [illustrator]
(2006) Panagiotopoúlou - Rízou, Lítsa, Our Little Friends, Psichogios [illustrator]
(2005) Kokoréli, Argyró, Playing with Princesses, Ellinika Grammata [illustrator]
(2004) Giántsiou - Kanáki, Chrysí, Life is Beautiful, Psichogios [illustrator]
(2004) Anagnóstou, Katerína, The duck who wanted to be a mother, Minoas [illustrator]
(2004) Róssi - Zaΐri, Réna, I Stick Jobs!, Minoas [illustrator]
(2004) Róssi - Zaΐri, Réna, Beauty and the Beast, Minoas [illustrator]
(2002) Pétrovits - Androutsopoúlou, Lóti, The voice of the animals, Patakis Publishers [illustrator]
(2002) Women's Literary Society, The Green Coin Bank, Psichogios [illustrator]
(2001) Róssi - Zaΐri, Réna, Paste-Up ABC, Minoas [illustrator]
(2001) Mythology. Jason and the Golden Fleece, Psichogios [illustrator]
(2001) Mythology. Hercules, the First Labors, Psichogios [illustrator]
(2001) Varellá, Angelikí, There's so Much I'd Like to Tell You, Mum! There's so Much I'd Like to Tell You, Dad, Psichogios [illustrator]
(2001) Mythology. Ancient Greek Gods, Psichogios [illustrator]
(2001) Mythology. Ancient Greek Gods, Psichogios [illustrator]
(2001) Dikaíou, Eléni, The little fir-tree with the red beret, Patakis Publishers [illustrator]
(2000) Róssi - Zaΐri, Réna, ABC…Z the Alphabet is Crazy, Minoas [illustrator]
(2000) Remoúndos, Giánnis, Which Way to Deligiannis Street?, Psichogios [illustrator]
(2000) Trivizás, Evgénios, Poupou and Carlotta, Ellinika Grammata [illustrator]
(2000) Trivizás, Evgénios, The Whale that Eats War, Minoas [illustrator]
(2000) Trivizás, Evgénios, Anastassis and the Bus Stop Qeue, Ellinika Grammata [illustrator]
(2000) Remoúndos, Giánnis, How Was Your Vacation in Volos, Kostaki?, Psichogios [illustrator]
(1996) Panagiotopoúlou - Rízou, Lítsa, Little Cloud on Protest March, Minoas [illustrator]

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