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Margiorís, Nikólaos A.

Μαργιωρής, Νικόλαος Α.

Works found in the Biblionet database
(2000) Pythagorean Arithmosophy
(2000) Krija Yoga
(1999) Eleusininan Mysteries
(1998) Apocrypha
(1997) In the Times of Minos, Great King of Crete
(1997) The Secret of Hatha Yoga
(1996) Dravidians, the Pre-Hellenic Greeks
(1996) Karma
(1994) The Other Side of Erich von Daeniken´s Doctrine
(1994) Secret Teaching
(1993) Secret Teaching
(1993) Life After Death
(1992) Apocrypha
(1992) White Magic
(1991) Secret Teaching
(1991) Mysticism
(1991) Pharaohs Akhenaten and Tutankhamen
(1990) The Birth and Death of Universes
(1990) Psychotherapy Without Drugs
(1990) Reincarnation
(1989) Three Dimensional and Four Dimensional Visible and Invisible World
(1988) The Last Day of Socrates
(1987) Theurgy Teaches the Eternal Road of the Soul
(1987) Patapius
(1987) Light in the Dark
(1983) Raja Yoga
(1980) They Dance Barefoot on Fire
(1979) Dravidians, the Pre-hellenic Greeks

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