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Leatham, John

(2004) Chrístou, Chrýsanthos, Moralis, Adam Editions
(2003) Ayios Nikolaos Orphanos: The wall paintings, Akritas Publications
(2001) Crete
(2000) Trivizás, Evgénios, Pegasus and Mendios, Ministry of Press and Mass Media. Secretariat General of Information
(2000) The City Beneath the City, Museum of Cycladic Art
(1999) Andreas Vourloumis, Benaki Museum
(1999) Gkínis, Níkos, Churches in Constantinople, Kastaniotis
(1999) Fotópoulos, Dionýsis D., Athens Fashions, Hellenic Literary and Historical Archive
(1998) Glýkatzi - Ahrweiler, Eléni, Problems of Greek Continuity, National Bank Cultural Foundation
(1998) Fayum Portraits and the Generation of the '30s in its Search for Greekness: Benaki Museum 24 June-26 July 1998, Benaki Museum
(1995) Nikolaΐdis, Aristotélis Th., Vanishing Point, Kedros Publishers
(1995) Kritséli - Provídi, Ioánna, Ancient Greece as seen by N. Hadjikyriakos - Ghikas, KETHEA (Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals)
(1990) Michalópoulos, Dimítris, Views of Athens Before and After 1821

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