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Pétrovits - Androutsopoúlou, Lóti

Πέτροβιτς - Ανδρουτσοπούλου, Λότη


Loty Petrovits-Andrutsopulou was born in Athens, in 1937. She is the author of 27 books for children ranging from tales of fantasy to novels on contemporary issues. Works of Petrovits-Andrutsopulou have been broadcast and serialized for the television in Greece and Cyprus. Her stories have appeared in various magazines, including the American "CRICKET- the magazine for children" and two of her novels have been translated into Japanese. Some of her articles have been translated into English, Spanish, Italian and Hebrew. She has been awarded numerous prizes including the 1984 Academy of Athens prize, and the 1999 State Prize for Children's literature. In 1989, her book A House for Five was included in the Honor List of PIER PAOLO VERGERIO European Prize of the University of Padova. In 1992, she was included in the IBBY Honor List whilst in 1994 was the Greek nominee for Hans Christian Andersen Award. She is a member of various cultural societies. From 1981 to 1988 she was editorial correspondent of Phaedrus International Annual of Children's Literature Research. From 1979 to 1981 she was co-editor of children's magazine Helidonia published by the Greek Ministry of Education.
Loty Petrovits-Andrutsopulou has been lecturing frequently on Children's Literature and has represented Greece in many international congresses on books for children. In 1998 she was elected member of IBBY Executive Committee.

Major Works
1984 The Little Brother novel, Patakis Publishers
1984 In the Concrete Forest
novel, Patakis Publishers
1986 For their Other Country novel, Patakis
1987 A House for Five novel, Patakis Publishers
1988 Tales of the Twelve Months-4 volumes picture book, Patakis Publishers
1989 Wrong, Mr Neuger!
novel, Patakis Publishers
1992 A Song for Three novel, Patakis Publishers
1993 Travelling Stories
novel, Patakis Publishers
1993 Seven Red Threads
novel, Patakis Publishers
1996 Canary and Iint novel, Patakis Publishers
1998 The Family of the Sun picture book, Patakis Publishers (1999 State Prize for children's literature)
2000 Who Will Write About our Dog? novel, Patakis Publishers

Works found in the Biblionet database
(2012) Our Dog, Pluto, Psichogios
(2012) Our Dog, Pluto, Psichogios
(2011) A House for Five, Patakis Publishers
(2010) Wrong, Mr Neuger!, Patakis Publishers
(2004) Christmas nights, Psichogios
(2004) The Red Wrath, Patakis Publishers
(2003) Every day a fairytale, every night goodnight , Patakis Publishers
(2003) Thrice Upon a Time in a Faraway Planet, Patakis Publishers
(2002) The voice of the animals, Patakis Publishers
(2002) The monsters of the hill, Patakis Publishers
(2001) The sparrow and the butterfly, Patakis Publishers
(2001) The gold, the toirtoise and the beauty, Patakis Publishers
(2000) Children of Autumn, Patakis Publishers [author, illustrator]
(2000) The Mystery of the Summer Santa Claus, Patakis Publishers
(1999) In the Presence of the Angels, Patakis Publishers
(1999) Who Will Write About Our Dog?, Patakis Publishers
(1999) In the Sun´s Neighbourhood, Kastaniotis
(1999) Children of Summer, Patakis Publishers [author, illustrator]
(1998) Stories that Nobody Knows, Patakis Publishers
(1997) Stories With the Twelve Months, Patakis Publishers
(1996) Seven Red Threads, Patakis Publishers
(1996) Stories That Travel, Patakis Publishers
(1996) Tales from Africa, Patakis Publishers
(1996) In the Concrete Forest, Patakis Publishers
(1996) Winter's Children, Patakis Publishers [author, illustrator]
(1996) Four Tangos, Patakis Publishers
(1996) Song for Three, Patakis Publishers
(1995) Black Coral in the Pocket, Patakis Publishers
(1995) Just Like the Nightingales, Patakis Publishers
(1995) The Gold, the Tortoise and Beauty, Patakis Publishers
(1995) In Those Days, Patakis Publishers
(1993) Children of Spring, Patakis Publishers [author, illustrator]
(1993) Children of Winter, Patakis Publishers [author, illustrator]
(1992) For the Other Country, Patakis Publishers
(1992) Ascetics in the Crowd, Patakis Publishers
(1992) Children of Spring, Patakis Publishers [author, illustrator]
(1992) Children of Autumn, Patakis Publishers [author, illustrator]
(1991) Youth Wanted For Help, Apostoliki Diakonia tis Ekklisias tis Ellados
(1991) The Little Brother, Patakis Publishers
(1990) Children´s Literature in our Time, Kastaniotis
(1987) Speaking of Children´s Books, Kastaniotis
Participation in collective Works
(2012) Writing to a Child About the Love of Reading, National Book Centre of Greece

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