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Martinídis, Pétros

Μαρτινίδης, Πέτρος


Petros Martinidis teaches theory and criticism of architecture and design of theatrical space in the Department of Architecture at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He has also taught in the Departments of Visual Arts and Theatre at the School of Fine Arts, as well as in the Department of Journalism.

Mayjor work:
- A Semiology of Views and Theories on Architecture, Athens: TEE, 1979.
- In Defence of Pulp-fiction, Athens: Polytypo, 1982; Athens: Ypodomi, 1994 (expanded version).
- Words in Architectural and Scientific Thought, Athens: Smili, 1990.
- Comics: the Art and Techniques of Illustrating, Athens: ASE, 1990/1991.
- The Lofty Art of Despair: On Arkas' "Lifer" Athens: Ypsilon, 1992.
- Mediations of the Visible. Questions of Theory and Criticism in Architecture and Art, Athens: Nefeli, 1997.
- Serial (Detective novel), Athens: Nefeli, 1998.
- In the Event of Fire (Detective novel), Athens: Nefeli, 1999.

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Participation in collective Works
(2009) Greek Crimes III, Kastaniotis
(2008) Greek Crimes II, Kastaniotis
(2007) Greek Crimes, Kastaniotis

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