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Chatziantoníou, Konstantínos

Χατζηαντωνίου, Κώστας


Born in Rhodes in 1965.
He studied Political Science and Public administration.
He writes on History in many magazines.
From 1990 to 1992 he editored the litrature periodical «REMVI».

Major Works
1992 Iafthai/s daughter. Literature
1993 Nationalism and Hellenism. History
1994 Asia Minor - the liberation struggle of 1919-1922. History
1995 Hellenic History 1821-1941 History
1999 Asia Minor, Ancient and Middle-age History.
1999 Asia Minor, Modern History 1453-1919 History.
1999 Nicholas Plastiras History.
2000 Struggles of the Serbian nation. History

Works found in the Biblionet database
(2009) Agrigento, Ideogramma
(2003) Nationalism and Greekness
(2001) The Book of Back Bile, Parousia
(2000) Stuggles of the Serbian Nation, Pelasgos
(1999) Asia Minor, Pelasgos
(1999) Asia Minor, Pelasgos
(1999) Nicolaos Plastiras, Parousia
(1995) Asia Minor, Pelasgos
Participation in collective Works
History of the Greek Nation 1821-1941, Pelekanos
(1994) Mastéllos, Geórgios D., Memoirs 1897, Pelasgos [editor]

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