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Valási, Zoí

Βαλάση, Ζωή

Works found in the Biblionet database
(2004) Revolution of Dreams, Patakis Publishers
(2002) The garden of metamorphoses, Kedros Publishers
(2001) Introduction to the studies of childrens' books and literature, Ellinika Grammata
(2000) The King´s Daughter Who Asked for the Moon, Ellinika Grammata
(1998) Magic Pencils, Kedros Publishers
(1997) The ABC of Flowers, Ellinika Grammata
(1997) Mythology, Ellinika Grammata
(1997) The Star Thief, Ellinika Grammata
(1997) School for Games, Ellinika Grammata
(1997) The Moon Goes on an Outing, Ellinika Grammata
(1996) Four Leaf Clover, Kedros Publishers
(1996) Goldflower, Ellinika Grammata
(1995) Gifts of the Wind, Synchroni Epochi
(1994) Stories of the Silver Forest, Kedros Publishers
(1993) The Princess of Palmyra, Kedros Publishers
(1992) The Three Presents, Patakis Publishers
(1990) Sundrop Girl, Livanis Publishing Organization - Mythos
(1989) Sun, Sun and Rain, Kedros Publishers
Participation in collective Works
(2000) Let´s Play Again, Kedros Publishers
(1998) Love books!, Gutenberg
(2001) Aesop, Aesope's myths, Ellinika Grammata [adaptation]
(1999) Márra, Eiríni, The Fairy, Ellinika Grammata [series editor]
(1998) Sinopoúlou, Váso, The Last Magic Stone, Ellinika Grammata [series editor]
(1998) Nikoláou, Thomás, Night Rider, Ellinika Grammata [series editor]
(1997) Aesop, Aesop´s Fables, Ellinika Grammata [editor]

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