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Avérof - Ioánnou, Tatiána

Αβέρωφ - Ιωάννου, Τατιάνα


She was born in 1954 in Athens. She studied psychology in Athens and London and worked as a school psycologist. Since 1995 she has managed the E. Averof Pinacotheque which is situated in Metsovo. She has written two educational books and one novel.

Major Works
1983 Teaching Children to Collaborate with one another. Educational
1990 Collaboration in Learning Process. Educational
2000 The Clearing. Novel

Works found in the Biblionet database
(2005) Open Line, Kedros Publishers
(2002) August, Kedros Publishers
(2000) The Clearing, Kedros Publishers
(1994) Teaching Children to Cooperate, Thymari
(1990) Cooperation in Learning, Thymari

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