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Apostolídis, Andréas

Αποστολίδης, Ανδρέας


Andreas Apostolidis was born in Athens in 1953. He is a writer, translator and director. He has written seven crime novels, short story collections, and has translated more than 30 works of crime fiction by authors including Hammett, Chandler, Ambler, Highsmith and Ellroy. He has also written studies and notes on crime novelists. He has translated Stevenson, Kipling, Isherwood, Capote, London, Bellamy, Andersen, Huxley, Welty and Nabokov. Among other articles on literary subjects he has written a study of Nabokov. Apostolidis has directed two short films and more than 60 episodes of the prize-winning television series Reportage Without Borders and Pathways of Thought.

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Participation in collective Works
(2012) The Return of Inspector Bekas, Kastaniotis
(2012) The Return of Inspector Bekas, Kastaniotis
(2009) Greek Crimes III, Kastaniotis
(2008) Greek Crimes II, Kastaniotis
(2008) Eco-crimes, Kedros Publishers
(2007) Greek Crimes, Kastaniotis
(2007) History Lost [editor]

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