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Elýtis, Odysséas

Ελύτης, Οδυσσέας, 1911-1996

The Nobel Prize in Literature [1979]
Works found in the Biblionet database
(2010) Monogram, Ikaros
(2009) Private Road, Ypsilon [author, illustrator]
(2007) The Little Navigator, Ikaros
(2007) Public and Private , Ikaros
(2007) Half-Siblings, Ikaros
(2006) Self Portrait in Oral Language, Ypsilon
(2006) Elegies of the Oxopetra, Ikaros
(2006) The R in Eros, Ypsilon
(2005) Heroic and Mournful Hymn for the Lost Second Lieutenant of Albania, Ikaros
(2005) Poetry, Ikaros
(2004) West of Sorrow, Ikaros
(2003) Helios Heliator, Ikaros
(2001) Axion Esti, Ikaros
(1999) Ex Proximis, Ikaros
(1999) Maria Nepheli, Ikaros
(1999) The Garden With the Self-Deceptions, Ypsilon [author, illustrator]
(1999) The Monogram, Ikaros
(1999) The Light Tree and The Fourteenth Beauty , Ikaros
(1998) Journal of an Unseen April, Ypsilon
(1998) Orientations, Ikaros
(1997) 2x7 e, Ikaros
(1996) Open Cards, Ikaros
(1996) The Magic of Papadiamantis, Ypsilon
(1996) Sun, the First, Ikaros
(1996) The Painter Theophilos, Ypsilon
(1995) Carte Blanche, Ikaros
(1994) Six Plus One Regrets for the Sky, Ikaros
(1992) Three Poems at a Discount Price, Ikaros
(1991) Lady Bicyclist, Hestia Publishers
(1984) Diary of an Invisible April, Ypsilon
(1982) To axion esti, Iridanos
(1980) Concerning Andreas Empeirikos, Ypsilon
Participation in collective Works
(2010) Yannis Tsarouchis 1910 - 1989, Benaki Museum
(2009) The Only Kiss
(2007) When the Angels Walk , Metaichmio
(2005) A Literary Journey to Byzantium , Metaichmio
(2003) Greece in Poetry, Libro Publishers
(2000) A Greek Quintet
(1997) The Aegean, Melissa Publishing House
(2005) John the Evangelist, The Apocalypse, Ypsilon
(2000) Lorca, Federico García, Romancero Gitano
(1987) Krinagoras of Mytilene, Crinagoras, Ypsilon [translator, illustrator]
(2008) Cut + Paste, State Museum Of Contemporary Art [artworks]
(1986) Aranítsis, Evgénios, The Room with the Pictures, Ikaros [illustrator]

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