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Solman, John

Participation in collective Works
(2000) Zakynthos
(2000) Zakynthos
(1999) Zakinthos
(1999) Zakynthos
(1999) Zakynthos
(1999) Zante
(1999) Zante
(1991) Zakynthos
(2011) Serézis, Kóstas, Paris Prekas my Voyage, Militos
(2011) Collective Work, Santorini, Militos
(2011) Roúskas, Giánnis, The Greek Lakes, Militos
(2011) Roúskas, Giánnis, The Greek Rivers, Militos
(2011) A View to the Aegean: Face and Soul of the Ancestral Sea, Militos
(2011) Collective Work, Theodoros, sculptor: Homage, Benaki Museum
(2009) Collective Work, The Open Air Water Power Museum, ETBA Cultural Foundation
(2001) Greek Mythology, Ekdotike Athenon
(2000) Collective Work, Guide for Treasury Exhibition of the Holy Monastery of Saint Xenophon, The Holy Monastery of Saint Xenophon
(1999) Filippídis, Dimítris, Greek Design and Decoration, Melissa Publishing House
(1999) Alexákis, G. I., Santorini
(1999) Parísi, Dóra, Tastes of the Aegean, Topio Publications
(1999) Tólias, Giórgos, The Greek Portolan Charts 15th-17th Centuries, Olkos Publishers
(1999) Athens, Synolo
(1999) A View to the Aegean: Face and Soul of the Ancestral Sea, Synolo
(1999) Serézis, Kóstas, Paris Prekas My Voyage, Topio Publications
(1998) Holy Monastery of Iveron Gold Embroideries
(1998) Vogiatzís, Geórgios K., Lefkada
(1998) Collective Work, Santorini, Topio Publications
(1998) Sea and Stone, Ammos
(1998) Semicolon: Photographs=Point-Virgule: Photographies
(1998) The Patriarchate of the great city of Alexandria, Militos
(1997) Papadópoulos, Stélios A., Black Power, Powder Mills and the Greek War of Independence, ETBA Cultural Foundation
(1997) Zarkiá, Kornilía, Preindustrial Tanning in Greece, ETBA Cultural Foundation
(1997) Collective Work, The Open Air Water Power Museum, ETBA Cultural Foundation
(1997) Nomikós, Stéfanos, Water Power in Preindustrial Greece, ETBA Cultural Foundation
(1997) Smaragdís, Giánnis, Cavafy, Livani Publishing Organization
(1996) Gákis, Trýfonas A., 1821 Freedom or death: Fighters for a free Greece
(1996) Chatzifótis, Ioánnis M., Castellorizo, Topio Publications
(1996) Doúntsi, Athiná, Corfu, Topio Publications
(1996) Roúskas, Giánnis, Roads of Water ΙΙ, Topio Publications
(1996) Roúskas, Giánnis, The Greek Lakes, Topio Publications
(1996) Roúskas, Giánnis, The Greek Rivers, Topio Publications
(1995) Skopelítis, Stélios V., A Place of Silence, Livani Publishing Organization
(1994) Collective Work, Dimitris Pikionis, Bastas Publications
(1994) The Parthenon, Melissa Publishing House
(1994) Katsoulídis, Tákis, Takis Katsoulidis, Adam Editions
(1994) Kafétsi, Ánna, Chrysa Romanos, Exandas
(1993) Koúkas, Giórgos, Kos, Nisyros
(1988) Xanthákis, Álkis X., History of Greek Photography 1839-1960, Hellenic Literary and Historical Archive
(1987) Katsoúros, K. A., Naxos
(1985) Collective Work, Maps and Mapmakers of the Aegean, Olkos Publishers
Vogiatzís, Geórgios K., Chalkidiki
Collective Work, Lesbos, Topio Publications
Gabriel Filotheΐtis, Monk, Glimples of Mount Athos , Privately Published
(1999) Theodorídis, Pános, The Four Seasons in Greece, Topio Publications [photographer]

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