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Boulótis, Chrístos

Μπουλώτης, Χρήστος


Christos Boulotis was born in Limnos, in 1952. He studied history and archaeology at the University of Athens, and did postgraduate studies in archaeology, classical literature and comparative linguistics at the universities of Heidelberg and Wurzburg, where he wrote his doctoral dissertation on religious images in Minoan and Mycenean art.
He has conducted research excavations in Greece, he has taught archaeology at the Universities of Corfu and Athens, and history at the Athens School of Fine Arts. Christos Boulotis has been writing for children since 1987, and has had 20 books published by various Greek publishers. His first children's book "The Strange Love of the Horse and the Beech" was awarded the Pier Paolo Vergerio by Padova University. The Hellenic Circle of Children's Books honored him in 1994 for his book "With the Wings of Pegasus" and awarded him in 2000 for "The Statue that was Cold". His personal collection of 6,000 old toys and children's books formed the core of the collection of the Museum of the History of Children's Toys and Books.

Major Works
1999 The Statue that Was Cold
picture book, Patakis Publishers
2000 Tom Tiritom and the Divided Country
picture book, Patakis Publishers
2000 The Last Golden Egg in the World
picture book, Patakis Publishers

Works found in the Biblionet database
(2011) Oof! The Incredible Adventures of Ares, Patakis Publishers
(2010) Seven Strange Little Festive Stories, Seven
(2010) A Chocolate Dream, Metaichmio
(2009) Stories for Curious Children, Ellinika Grammata
(2007) The Little Caretta Caretta Turtle and the Old Volkswagen, Papadopoulos Publishing
(2007) Twelve Little Red Riding Hoods and the Clockwork Wolf, Papadopoulos Publishing
(2006) Mrs. Mina and the Spring, Livani Publishing Organization
(2005) The Little Donkey that Drank the Moon, Hestia Publishers
(2005) When the Ball has Wild Dreams , Hestia Publishers
(2004) My Best Friend, Patakis Publishers
(2003) The Guardians Poet and Painter, Sigma Publications
(2003) On Pegasus’s Wings, Minoas
(2003) The watermelon thief , Patakis Publishers
(2001) The Grasshopper With the Little Red Pumps, Minoas
(2001) Mr. Tomorrow Night, Ellinika Grammata
(2001) Pinocchio in Athens, Ellinika Grammata
(2000) Little Bear Katerina-Katina on Television, Ellinika Grammata
(2000) Tell Me About Your Toys, Ellinika Grammata
(2000) The Girl who Asked for a Needle, Patakis Publishers
(2000) The Dreamy Hat, Papadopoulos Publishing
(1999) Semele Chases Away the Smog , Ellinika Grammata
(1999) Tom Tiritom and the Divided Country, Patakis Publishers
(1999) The Statue That Was Cold, Patakis Publishers
(1999) The Last Golden Egg in the World, Patakis Publishers
(1998) Seven Festive and Strange Little Stories, Patakis Publishers
(1998) Little Bear Katerina-Katina from the Circus to School, Ellinika Grammata
(1997) For You, My Bird, Ellinika Grammata
(1997) The Remarkable Love of the Horse and the Elm Tree , Ellinika Grammata
(1997) Remember? Remember?, Ellinika Grammata [author, illustrator]
(1996) Little Bear Katerina-Katina at the Music Hall, Ellinika Grammata
(1996) Cadmus, his Little Dog and the Moon, Kastaniotis
(1992) The Little Soldier Who Wanted to Be an Architect and a Poet
(1989) Mister Tomorrow Evening
Participation in collective Works
(2011) Michalis Manousakis, The Space of Time: Retrospective
(2006) The Dispersed Urbanity of the Aegean Archipelago: 10th International Exhibition of Architecture Venice Biennale: Greek Participation
(2006) Ode to the Olive Tree, Academy of Athens
(1999) Greek Jewellery, Adam Editions

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