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in Greece 2011


Vlavianós, Cháris

Βλαβιανός, Χάρης

Works found in the Biblionet database
(2011) The History of Western Philosophy in 100 Haikus, Patakis Publishers [author, series editor]
(2011) Sonnets of Despair, Patakis Publishers
(2003) After the End of Beauty, Nefeli
(1999) The Angel of History, Nefeli
(1998) The Angel of History
(1996) Adieu, Nefeli [author, series editor]
(1994) The Other Place, Nefeli
(1991) Homesick for Heaven, Nefeli
Participation in collective Works
(2012) Writing to a Child About the Love of Reading, National Book Centre of Greece
(2006) The Dispersed Urbanity of the Aegean Archipelago: 10th International Exhibition of Architecture Venice Biennale: Greek Participation
(2007) Christodoúlou, Dímitra Ch., Famine, Nefeli [series editor]
(2006) Chiónis, Argýris, The Voice of Silence: Poems 1966-2000, Nefeli [series editor]
(2006) Topáli, María, London and Other Poems, Nefeli [series editor]
(2005) Koúrtovik, Dimosthénis, Greek Hangover, Nefeli [series editor]
(2004) Koutsourélis, Kóstas, De Arte Amandi, Nefeli [series editor]
(2004) Little Boys and Girls, Nefeli [series editor]
(2003) Bleuballet, Nefeli [series editor]
(2003) Claudius Britannicus, Nefeli [series editor]
(2002) Daráki, Zéfi L., The building in pain, Nefeli [series editor]
(2001) Markídis, Mários, In spite of all that, Nefeli [series editor]
(2000) Blánas, Giórgos, My Answer, Nefeli [series editor]
(2000) Koutsourélis, Kóstas, Sleep Stories, Nefeli [series editor]
(2000) Markópoulos, Giórgos, Poems, Nefeli [series editor]
(2000) Daráki, Zéfi L., The Body Without Pass-Key, Nefeli [series editor]
(1999) Markídis, Mários, Addicted Pushers, Nefeli [series editor]
(1999) Méskos, Márkos, Black Forest, Nefeli [series editor]
(1999) Topáli, María, Tea Service, Nefeli [series editor]
(1999) Daskalópoulos, Dimítris, Dark Full Moon, Nefeli [series editor]
(1999) Méskos, Márkos, In the Shadow of the Earth, Nefeli [series editor]
(1999) Méskos, Márkos, Salutations, Nefeli [series editor]
(1998) Méskos, Márkos, Flowers to the Cursed Snake, Nefeli [series editor]
(1998) Zafeiríou, Stávros, Inevitability of the Day, Nefeli [series editor]
(1998) Aranítsis, Evgénios, The Sea, Nefeli [series editor]
(1998) Méskos, Márkos, Ghosts of Freedom, Nefeli [series editor]
(1996) Márkoglou, Pródromos Ch., Ultimate Promise, Nefeli [series editor]
(1992) Stamélos, Kyriákos E., Ad Absinthium, Nefeli [series editor]

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