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Sotírchos, Panagiótis M.

Σωτήρχος, Παναγιώτης Μ.

Works found in the Biblionet database
(2006) My Grandmother Alossi, Armos
(2006) The Tree of the Orient, Armos
(2001) Spiritual Panoply, Astir
(2001) The Words of Deeds, Astir
(2000) Gerontikon of Our Time, Parousia
(2000) The Great Father of Romanity, Armos
(2000) The Spiritual Law, Parousia
(2000) The Prophecies of Saint Cosmas Aitolos, Parousia
(2000) The Other Light, Astir
(1999) The Angel Neighborhood, Akritas Publications
(1999) Witness Testimonies, Astir
(1999) Lovers of Paradise, Astir
(1999) Five Letters, Astir
(1999) The Palace of Love, Astir
(1998) My Daughter Emigration, Armos
(1998) Great Theotokion , Astir
(1998) My Philosopher, Akritas Publications
(1998) The World of Happy-Sad, Astir
(1998) At the Feet of the Holy Fathers, Parousia
(1997) Ascetism for Laity, Parousia
(1997) Days of Loneliness, Armos
(1997) The Road of Obedience, Astir
(1997) At the Feet of the Holy Fathers, Parousia
(1997) A Matter of Emergency, Parousia
(1996) Sophila, Armos
(1996) The Great Geron, Akritas Publications
(1996) Orthodox Life, Astir
(1996) Orthodox Life, Astir
(1996) Blood Relatives, Armos
(1995) Orthodox Life, Astir
(1995) At the Feet of the Holy Fathers, Parousia
(1995) In Support of Sinners, Akritas Publications
(1994) Heavenly Roof, Astir

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