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Bótsoglou, Chrónis

Μπότσογλου, Χρόνης

Works found in the Biblionet database
(2000) False Essays, Kastaniotis
Participation in collective Works
(2010) Makis Theofylaktopoulos: Matter Vicissitudes: Painting 1960-2010, Benaki Museum
(2005) Bousianis from the Vassilis J. Valambous Collection, Benaki Museum
(2010) Chronis Botsoglou, A retrospective, National Museum of Contemporary Art [artworks]
(2009) Collective Work, The Perspective of Time Pictorial Histories, Benaki Museum [paintings]
(2008) New Acquisitions - Figurative Art from the Collections of the National Gallery [paintings]
(2007) Collective Work, Birthplace [paintings]
(2007) Collective Work, Greek Painting: Permanent Collection [paintings]
(2003) Paschális, Stratís, Somebody Else's Words , Metaichmio [paintings]
(1999) Fais, Michel, From the Same Cup and Other Stories, Kastaniotis [illustrator]
(1998) Sklivaniótis, Giánnis, Song of Fragments, Kastaniotis [illustrator]
(1997) Sklivaniótis, Giánnis, Musical Parakeimena, Kastaniotis [illustrator]
(1997) Politopoúlou, Marléna, The Lovers Next Door, Livani Publishing Organization [paintings]
(1996) Brávos, Chrístos, After the Legends, Patakis Publishers [illustrator]
(1995) Sklivaniótis, Giánnis, A Slice of Moon, Kastaniotis [illustrator]
(1993) Solomós, Dionýsios, The Lady of Zante, Oceanida [illustrator]
(1988) Maxímou, Pinelópi S., The Company of Seven, Astir [illustrator]
(1988) Lázos, Chrístos G., Essay on the Chronis Botsoglou Watercolours "Calendar Pages", Agra Publications [paintings]
(1985) Christofóglou, Mártha, The Image of the Body in the Paintings of Chronis Botsoglou, Agra Publications [paintings]
(1980) Korovésis, Periklís, Description [paintings]
Kyriakídou - Néstoros, Álki, The Twelve Months, Malliaris Paedia Publications [illustrator]

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