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Kountoúris, Michális

Κουντούρης, Μιχάλης

Works found in the Biblionet database
(2010) Game Over, [author, illustrator]
(2010) Home Sweet Home, [author, illustrator]
(2010) Politicosaurus, [author, illustrator]
(1998) The Magical New Year Word, Ammos
(2007) 13 Cartoonists Inspired by the Olive Tree, Hellenic Ministry of Culture [illustrator]
(2005) The Secret of the Sea, Patakis Publishers [illustrator]
(2003) Mandilarás, Fílippos, Catch them! , Patakis Publishers [illustrator]
(2001) Boulótis, Chrístos, The Grasshopper With the Little Red Pumps, Minoas [illustrator]
(2000) Boulótis, Chrístos, The Dreamy Hat, Papadopoulos Publishing [illustrator]
(1999) Kriezí, Marianína, May You Live Long, Ammos [illustrator]
(1998) Charalampídis, Lámpis, The Magician of 5, Ammos [illustrator]
(1998) Trivizás, Evgénios, Fricadella: The Witches who Hated Carols. Carols From All Over Greece, Ammos [illustrator]
(1992) Grammar through Play [illustrator]
(1992) Grammar through Play [illustrator]
(1992) Grammar through Play [illustrator]
(1992) Grammar through Play [illustrator]
Charalampídis, Lámpis, Santa Claus´s Cap, Finatec S.A. [illustrator]

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